Osteon3 Collagen 1 & 1 Osteon Membrane - Mumbai

Model: 1 Osteon3 Collagen & 1 Osteon Membrane - Mumbai

  • Osteon3 Collage: Synthetic bone graft with Type I Collagen, moldable and highly resorbable.
  • Collagen Membrane: Easy to manipulate, with a 6-month barrier function, made from pure Type I collagen.

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Osteon3 Collagen 1 & 1 Osteon Membrane - Mumbai

Osteon3 Collage:
  • Synthetic bone graft (OSTEON™ III) with Type I Collagen.
  • Moldable to various shapes after wetting.
  • Easy handling, reduces chair time.
  • Highly resorbable (HA:β-TCP=60:40).
  • 80% porosity rate for new bone formation.
  • Collagen absorbed within weeks, aiding bone formation.

Collagen Membrane:
  • Easy manipulation, dual-sided.
  • Barrier function lasts 6 months.
  • Pure Type I collagen from bovine tendon.

SuperLine Implant:
  • S.L.A. Surface Treatment.
  • Double-Threaded, Tapered Body.
  • Platform-Switched Design.
  • 3 Long Cutting Flutes.
  • Uniform prosthetic platform.