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NR Line 30 Implant PKG

Model: NR Line 30 Implants PKG

   This Package Includes:
  • 30 NR Line Fixture
  • 30 NR Line  Abutment (Dual /Milling /Angled)
  • 30 NR Line Coverscrew
  • 3 NR Line Healing Abutment 
  • 3 NR Line  Impression Coping 
  • 3 NR Line Analog
  • Fixture is fully SLA Surface treated 
    Note: Sizes can be  customize as per your choice

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NR Line 30 Implant PKG

Unveil our thoughtfully curated implant package, meticulously designed to enhance the caliber of your dental practice and provide unmatched patient care. This inclusive compilation encompasses an array of intricately manufactured components, specifically intended to streamline the implant procedure and secure optimal outcomes. Embrace the forefront of implant dentistry with our methodically tailored package, crafted to optimize clinical efficiency and elevate patient satisfaction. Invest in excellence, accuracy, and trustworthiness with our premium implant package and pave the way for your practice to achieve extraordinary success.

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