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Bright CT - 1T

Model: Bright CT - 1T

Advanced CMOS detector technology make low dose CT and panoramic images create the best image throught clinically image processing algorithm

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Bright CT - 1T

  • Panoramic Auto Focusing  

Auto Focusing Algorithm provides optimal image 

  • bright MAR Algorithm

Minimize metal artifacts through the latest MAR (Metal Artifact Reduction)

  • Fast Scan Time

Acquired 3D CT images with only 240° scan reduced acquisition time and exposure dose by 2/3 compared to the previous model

  • Large & Free FOV

Largest FOV 17.5 X 15 (Stitching) in this class various images size options can be selected upon  the treatment

  • Minimized anterior distortation allows higher accuracy diagnosis without acquiring separate apical images. clearer identifiable of implant and the threads that makes it easier to verify the fastening success rates or fractures.
  • AI Supported convenience

Automated Arch Generation  

Dentium AI algorithm automatically generates arch line.

Automatic Mandibular Nerve Canal Generation 

search the inferior alveolar nerve canal within 15 seconds. Dentium AI provides accurate and reliable diagnosis based on various age group and gender data.

Ai Automatic Fixture/Crown Placement

It recognizes missing teeth and automatically sets the positions of fixtures and crowns. AI technology enables quick patient consultation.

  • Free FOV

Free-selectable FOV allow a user to acquire an only desired image area and reduce the exposure dose.

  • Large FOV

Built-in stitching functionality that attached two separate acquired images.

  • Panoramic Auto Focusing 

Auto Focusing Algorithm provides optimal images with 30 multi-layer images in one acquisition

  • bright MAR Algorithm

Our latest MAR (Metal Artifact Reduction) technology minimizes metal artifacts and enabling accurate diagnosis through high-quality CT images

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