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Bright Alone with SuperLine 200 Implant PKG

Model: Bright Alone with SuperLine 200 Implant PKG

 This Package includes
  • 1 Bright Alone Chair
  • 200 SuperLine Fixture
  • 200 SuperLine Dual Abutment 
  • 20 SuperLine Analog
  • 20 SuperLine Healing Abutment
  • 20 SuperLine Impression Coping
  • Surgical kit

Note: Sizes can be  customize as per your choice

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Bright Alone with SuperLine 200 Implant PKG

  • Bright Alone Chair: Experience the pinnacle of patient comfort and ergonomic design with the Bright Alone Chair, meticulously crafted to provide optimal support and relaxation during dental procedures. Equipped with advanced features and customizable settings, this chair sets the standard for an unparalleled patient experience

  • SuperLine Fixtures: Empower your practice with the reliability and durability of SuperLine Fixtures, engineered to deliver exceptional stability and long-term performance. With precise engineering and cutting-edge materials, these fixtures ensure secure and lasting dental restorations for your patients.

  •  SuperLine Dual Abutments: Enhance the versatility of your treatment options with  SuperLine Dual Abutments, offering seamless compatibility and precise alignment for a wide range of dental prosthetics. Experience unparalleled flexibility in designing and customizing restorative solutions tailored to your patients' unique needs.

    •  SuperLine Analogs: Facilitate efficient laboratory procedures and accurate model replication with SuperLine Analogs, meticulously designed to provide precise analog representation for streamlined production processes. Ensure seamless communication between your practice and the lab for precise and effective treatment planning.
    •    SuperLine Healing Abutments: Foster optimal post-surgical healing and tissue management with SuperLine Healing Abutments, engineered to promote natural tissue regeneration and contouring. Facilitate a seamless transition to the final restoration phase while prioritizing patient comfort and well-being.

      •   SuperLine Impression Copings: Achieve exceptional precision and accuracy in capturing detailed impressions with SuperLine Impression Copings, tailored to simplify the impression-taking process and ensure reliable data for comprehensive treatment planning. Streamline your workflow and enhance the overall efficiency of your practice with these essential tools. 
      • Surgical Kit: Access a comprehensive and meticulously curated Surgical Kit, equipped with a range of specialized instruments and tools essential for a variety of dental surgical procedures. Ensure optimal precision and efficiency during surgical interventions, allowing you to deliver superior results and maintain the highest standards of patient care

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